About Us

Ariadna is a guide in the world of consumer goods such as: plumbing equipment, hardware, sports and leisure. Your business will find the right direction with Ariadna company!

First of all, we always think about our customers. Your comfort in work is important for us. This is why we provide each client with flexible terms of cooperation, as well as an individual approach to the solution of all the issues involved.

Second of all, our prices are among the lowest at market of these kinds of products. How did we achieve it? It is all thanks to many years of experience with this product, as well as close ties with reliable manufacturers from China, Russia, India, Taiwan.

Thirdly, we have a simple, but effective formula: 80x20, where 80% is a regular and popular assortment and 20% is new and exclusive products. That's why our clients always have something that can surprise and intrigue their customers.

We are in a long-term cooperation with customers from all over the world. There are the construction companies, wholesalers, specialty shops among them.

Every day we do our best to make it easier and more profitable to work with us:
• We expand the range and monitor the new products
• We improve the sales technology and reduce delivery time
• We improve the quality of customer service

Business with Ariadna company is your way to success!